Title: Checkout #Work2dot0 Podcast on #JobsOfFuture #FutureOfWork #Leadership #Strategy

Checkout #Work2dot0 Podcast on #JobsOfFuture #FutureOfWork #Leadership #Strategy

We have created #Work2dot0 (Previously #JobsOfFuture) podcast to bring out key conversations impacting jobs of future and future of work. The small effort to spark a conversation has led to hosting some of the most influential voices and global outreach of 160k as well as popularity of podcast as top 10 in several future of work categories. We are always eager and hungry for leaders to host on the show and discussing their journey. As technology is getting smarter and jobs/work today requires more thinking and collaborations, the work is getting redefined. This podcast will take a deeper dive into those conversation that impacts any/every working professional. We will invite guests who are leading top organizations, redefining the future of work, defining the jobs of future and preparing organizations for the Work 2.0 that is already here. So, if your job demands thinking, collaboration and growth mindset, this podcast will help you stay strong and grow at work.